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What is Inspected in a 4-Point Insurance Inspection?

Lakeland FL Home InspectionTypically your insurance company requires homes over the age of 25 to have a 4-point insurance inspection, but the number varies depending on your insurance provider. The purpose of this inspection is to determine the condition of the four main components of your home. These categories include roofing, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. If these four systems are not up-to-date then it could become a liability for the insurance company if any of these were to malfunction.

  • Roofing- The roof is inspected because they are costly to repair. If a claim is submitted for full reimbursement when it was not in great condition, then the insurance company would have to pay if the condition is not properly documented.
  • HVAC- This part covers the ventilation, air conditioning, and heating. If not properly checked it could cause a fire.
  • Plumbing- Obviously, the plumbing would be inspected to ensure that the pipes are in working condition. If something were to happen in the home and the pipes were in great condition, then the homeowner would be covered for the water damage.
  • Electrical- This is an important part of the inspection because bad wiring can lead to fires. It doesn’t take long for a fire to engulf an entire home, so it is important to make sure an older home is up-to-date.

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Should You Have a Seller’s Inspection?

Home Inspection Tampa FLIf you are thinking about putting your home on the market, you should consider having a seller’s inspection. Having an inspection done before hand will help save time and money during the closing process.

  • Avoid Delays- Often times when a buyer is putting an offer on a house, they will hire a home inspector to inspect the home. This can delay the closing process which already takes approximately a month. When you are selling your home, you do not want any more delays because it is already a long process.
  • Save Money- If the potential buyer’s inspector does find things that need to be fixed, the buyer will typically ask that the issues are fixed before they sign the closing papers. If you have your own inspector evaluate the home before then you can list it “as is” and disclose the information to all interested buyers upfront.
  • Proactive- By having a seller’s inspection, you are ahead of the competition. When buyers are looking at homes, they are wondering what could be wrong with this house. You would be able to share this information with them right away.

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