How a Wind Mitigation Inspection in Tampa Can Benefit You

Hurricane season lasts for six months—from June 1 to November 30. Floridians are encouraged to be prepared for a damaging hurricane throughout the long season. Some of the state’s most deadly hurricanes have occurred as late as November 2. As part of the preparation for hurricane season, it pays in more ways than one to schedule a wind mitigation inspection in Tampa.

Hurricane wind speeds range from 75 mph to more than 150 mph and can heavily damage a home’s frame, roof and siding. They can topple trees onto houses and take down power lines that spark fires. In the case of such high winds, fences may be blown over while shingles are torn off roofs. Wind-blown rain may intrude into walls, ceilings, and throughout your home.

A Thorough Inspection Leads to Wind Mitigation Credits

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation mandates that property owners in Florida can receive discounts on their property insurance if the home is inspected by a certified inspector whose report ascertains that qualifying credits are in place. Such credits may include a new roof, hurricane clips, shutter protectors, or having a HIP roof with nailing.  A wind mitigation inspection in Tampa usually targets 4 main points of a home:

  • HVAC Systems
  • Electrical Wiring & Paneling
  • Plumbing Connections & Fixtures
  • Roofing

The state of Florida calls for insurance providers to offer discounts for homes that are protected against wind damage – getting a wind mitigation inspection in Tampa can help with this discount. However, certain factors may indicate you won’t be able to benefit from a wind mitigation report. Homes with an asphalt shingle roof more than 18 years old or a flat roof more than 10 years old don’t meet the requirements for wind mitigation. As well, the attachment of the homes roof-to-deck attachment and roof-to-wall attachment may reduce your wind damage savings.

Rely on a licensed and certified inspector from our company to provide you with a thorough wind mitigation inspection in Tampa. As a property owner in Florida, you’ll find you can save significantly on your homeowner’s insurance with a thorough inspection from a licensed and certified inspector. Contact Waypoint Property Inspection, LLC, to schedule an affordable wind mitigation inspection in Tampa.