Things to Consider Before You Buy a Fixer Upper

Lakeland FL home inspectionAt Waypoint Property Inspection, we believe there are many benefits to purchasing a fixer upper home, but with those benefits comes the responsibility of the buyer to ensure their new home is habitable. Although many homeowners are attracted to fixer uppers because they can purchase an older home for an inexpensive price to renovate it to make it your own, there are many safety issues to consider before you make an offer.

When looking to purchase a fixer upper, it is imperative to request a Lakeland, FL home inspection to check your potential home for issues that could cause damage or unwanted financial problems in the future. Older homes tend to have hidden problems within the structural foundation, such as water damage, unsecured wiring, and other safety hazards. Having a comprehensive home inspection before making an offer on a home will allow you to have peace of mind when you make an offer.

In addition to having a home inspection, we also recommend that home buyers ensure they receive a 4-point insurance check. Although many insurance companies require this preventative action if a home is over 25 years, we know that every insurance company has different requirements. A 4-point insurance inspection checks for the following: roofing, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing.

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