Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments many people will make in their lifetime. At Waypoint Property Inspection, we stress the importance of requesting a Lakeland, FL home inspection before you purchase your possible forever home to expose any potential minor deficiencies and significant problems. When searching for a trusted company to conduct your Lakeland, FL home inspection, look to our knowledgeable staff to get the job done right. Our dependable staff is state licensed and fully insured to provide you with a comprehensive and professional inspection with exceptional customer service.

After you find a home that you could see yourself living it, it is time to request a Lakeland, FL home inspection to evaluate the property for any potential damage. Our thorough inspectors inspect all aspects of your future home to ensure we discover all issues. From the insulation, ventilation, electrical panels, wiring, water heating, piping, and so much more, we will examine every part of the property for safety issues and slight imperfections.

Once the inspection is complete, potential homeowners should expect to see a detailed report listing problems with the property. Some common major defects found in homes tend to be structural failures in the roof and within the walls. If a home has an out of date electrical system, this could hinder the buyer’s potential to finance and insure the home, creating an even larger issue in the future. Little flaws that are sometimes overlooked can be as minor as a small leak in the roof. A leaking roof could turn into tragedy when it causes water damage. Water found in the walls can turn into a mold which makes the home inhabitable due to its sickening properties.

It is important to realize the severity of requesting a professional Lakeland, FL home inspection to protect your property, wallet, and life. Whether you are looking to buy a new home or wanting to safely list your house for sale free of problems, look to our skilled team of inspectors. To learn more about how you can safeguard your investment, contact us today at 813-486-8551 to schedule an inspection.