What Your Home Inspector Will & Will Not Inspect

When it comes to purchasing a home, you should always consider a buyer’s home inspection in Hillsborough County, FL since it is one of the most significant investments you will make. At Waypoint Property Inspection, our fully insured and licensed home inspectors are committed to offering you superior inspections and customer experience. To further educate our customers on what to expect during their first home inspection, we have listed what is typically included and what is not included in your review.

What Is Included in Your Buyer’s Home Inspection in Hillsborough County, FL:

  • Structural Integrity- This includes a review of the overall construction and foundation of your home.
  • Safety Hazards- Our inspectors will examine the operations of your fire and carbon monoxide alarms, fire sprinklers, guardrails, stairs, and more.
  • Grounds- We will review your septic tank for leaks and proper drainage, while also looking at your home’s driveway and fences.
  • Roof- Our inspection includes a thorough review of your shingles, needed repairs, damage to your chimney and gutters.
  • Attic & Basement- We will inspect your attic and basement for proper ventilation and water damage.
  • Interior Plumbing- We will review for leaking pipes, proper functions of your toilet, showers, and tubs.
  • Electrical- We will check your wiring for safety hazards and ensure they meet state codes.
  • HVAC- Our inspectors will review your furnace, air conditioning, water heaty, and fireplace.

What Is Not Included in Your Buyer’s Home Inspection in Hillsborough County, FL:

  • Lead Paint- Typically older homes built before 1978 contain traces of lead paint. Although we do not cover this safety hazard in our inspection, it is essential to get this reviewed before you move in.
  • Pest Control- Pest control is essential in Florida, which is why we recommend hiring a licensed pest company to do a proper pest examination and prevention services.
  • Toxic Mold- It is vital to check your new home for a deadly mold for the safety of your loved ones due to its sickening properties.

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