Wind Mitigation Inspection- Insurance Discounts

wind mitigation inspection tampaLook to Waypoint Property Inspection to help you reduce your homeowner’s insurance. When looking for an affordable company for your wind mitigation inspection in Tampa, entrust our certified inspectors to complete a thorough review to increase your safety and decrease your monthly premium. Your home should have at least one of the wind resistant items below to qualify for insurance discounts.

  • Wind resistance roof shingles that meet the FBC requirements.
  • Roof decks that show durability with large nails and close spacing.
  • Hurricane clips and straps- these are used to secure the roof structure to the walls.
  • Protective coverings for windows and glass doors, specifically with Impact-Resistant Glazing.
  • Secondary water barrier, such as a seal, to ensure your roof is secured from water intrusion.
  • New construction that meets the building code since March 1, 2002.

It is vital to ensure your property contains many wind resistant features to protect your investment. This is especially important for states that are prone to hurricanes and tropical storms that create heavy winds. Our inspectors are state licensed to provide you with professional and comprehensive inspections. Entrust our company to help you receive a discount on your insurance with our wind mitigation inspection in Tampa. Contact us today at to learn more about our services.