Bob Hintze

Certified Home Inspector

Field Operations

Waypoint’s Certified Home Inspectors go through a rigorous on the job training program that takes their skills to the next level. In addition to the home inspection, all of our inspectors are certified to perform insurance inspections, pool/spa inspections, indoor air quality/mold sampling, and thermal imaging.

Client care coordinators

Client Care Coordinator

Office Operations

Client Care Coordinators are most often the first point of contact, and it is their responsibility to fully educate potential clients on what makes Waypoint’s services and benefits superior to other companies. Client Care Coordinators also assist clients after the inspection with any questions they may have.

Austin Hintze

Marketing Specialist

Field and Office Operations

Marketing Specialists are responsible for bringing new business to Waypoint as well as maximizing current relationships with industry professionals. Marketing Specialists operate in the field by giving educational presentations and attending events, as well as in the office through in-house marketing programs.

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Waypoint Wants You!

Interested in joining the Waypoint team? Please visit this page on a desktop or laptop computer to view the application process.